Review: Split Second (USA 1992)


Where has this movie been all my life? In all seriousness, how did I not stumble across this on late night Showtime or Cinemax in the 90’s? For the first couple of minutes I thought it was dumb as hell – then I realized that it’s a borderline parody and just relaxed.

Rutger Hauer is hilarious in this, wearing full on Matrix gear, and turning in a performance that can only be described as Tom Atkins in Night of the Creeps (or a slightly toned down Ash). Rarely does a minute go by without Hauer kicking open a door or slamming a fellow cop against a wall. He even brushes his teeth like a maniac – he’s the kind of cop on the edge who stores his gun in the fridge and keeps his sunglasses on in the sewer.

Throw in an utterly gratuitous Kim Cattrall shower scene and a goofy, gross, rubber monster, and you’ve got magic.

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