Review: Train to Busan (South Korea 2016)

Holy shit, THAT is how you do a zombie movie! I’m not usually a fan of fast zombies, but this mash-up of 28 Days Later’s panicky plague and Snowpiercer’s “class war on a train” is great fun, wasting little time before getting into the insanity of a massive zombie uprising, which our protagonists survive only by virtue of being on an overnight bullet train when the breakout occurs.

Sure, the cast is full of stock characters, not much more than a traveling smorgasbord fighting and fortifying train cars while the conductor barrels on towards potential safety, but the film moves so fast and the action is so brutal that this failing is eminently forgivable. Like the Dawn of the Dead remake (The last enjoyable Zack Snyder movie? No, the only enjoyable Zack Snyder movie.), and unlike the original Romero trilogy, Train to Busan may not amount to anything deep, but it is tremendously successful at the simple pleasures.

3 out of 4 stars (Very good).

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