Review: Wonderful Paradise (Japan 2020)

Japan Cuts 2021

Looking to scratch that “weird Japan” itch but with some more substantive meat under the oddity? This has a bit of an After Hours energy, as a small goodbye party thrown by a depressed family losing their home spins out into a full blown festival with funerals, weddings, impromptu yakisoba stands, and Biollante. The surreality emerges slowly, like a turtle poking its head out to test the air before sprinting for the ocean – going from a couple randos stopping by to a full on Bollywood dance number. My only real complaint is that there are a few points where the film goes into Funky Forest territory a little too far too fast.

I need to check out more Masashi Yamamoto – I’ve only seen this, Three Points (which I didn’t care for), and Man Woman and the Wall (which was delightfully perverted).

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