Review: The Ghost Hill (Taiwan 1971)

Subway Cinema’s 9th Old School Kung Fu Festival 2021 

Well this was an unexpected pleasure. An absolutely buck wild wuxia full of delightful nonsense, crazy weapons, and traps. Harpoon hands. Darts in the shape of the Chinese character for “death” – a baller move. Also, the greatest martial arts fight involving watermelon (unless you count the Watermelon Monster from Taoism Drunkard). Not to mention villains with names like Murdering Wonder Child and Soul Hunting Yaksha.

It’s part 3 of the Swordsman of All Swordsman trilogy, but it’s a stand alone revenge story featuring the same heroes played by Tien Peng and Polly Shang-Kuan. Very comic booky, very well shot, very fun.

Playing this weekend at the Old School Kung Fu Festival.

Read my interview with Goran Topalovic of Subway Cinema about this year’s OSKFF here.

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