Review: Deathsport (USA 1978)


This thematic sequel of sorts to Death Race 2000 from the Corman factory doesn’t capture any of the magic of that film (I mean, hey no Paul Bartel involved) but is a goofy good time. It’s post-apocalyptic silliness full of trash royalty like a strung out David Carradine and Claudia Jennings, and has a typically enjoyable villainous performance from Richard Lynch. Lots of “futuristic” motorcycle action and lucite swords, lots of slow motion explosions and stuntmen on fire, and lots and lots of butt naked Claudia Jennings.

Oh, and apparently the behind the scenes was much crazier than what made it in camera, with multiple directors, Carradine decking a director, and Jennings being completely out of control. Read up on it and watch this:

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