Review: Gunan, King of the Barbarians (Italy 1982)


One star for sexy Sabrina Siani, a mainstay of Italian Conan the Barbarian knockoffs. No stars for anything else. This story of two brothers seeking revenge with the aid of a magical Amazon tribe is otherwise an entirely dull affair, especially because the filmmakers make the bizarre choice to quickly kill off the only brother with any personality. Most of the film consists of painfully tedious slow motion shots of beefy men running, riding horses, and ineptly swinging toy swords.

I’m pretty sure this is a bowdlerized cut, because the Amazon Prime version I watched frequently seemed to be framed incorrectly, and while Siani gets naked constantly, the film awkwardly cuts away most of the time. But even if she were butt naked for the entire film (a la Fulci’s Conquest), this film would still suck donkeys.

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