Review: Shanty Tramp (USA 1967)

CSB’s Jeff talked up the glories of this low-budget hicksploitation movie for years, so when the Brooklyn Alamo screened it, we had to go. Fortunately, the movie lived up (lived down?) to its reputation, with plenty of go-go dancing, race-baiting, and trash-talking, and rarely a dull moment. The whole film takes place over a night in which the titular Shanty Tramp stirs the pot in her one shop town, causing problems for her alcoholic dad, a visiting biker gang, a revival tent preacher, and a local black family.

Eleanor Vaill (credited as Lee Holland) is great as the trashy Shanty Tramp herself, chewing every piece of scenery and wielding her boobs like deadly weapons (which, in this film, they basically are). If I have one issue with the film, it’s that there is not enough use of the phrase “Shanty Tramp.” Sure, they refer to her as a “Tramp” constantly, but only use the full “Shanty Tramp” a few times. Though there is that last line for the ages: “I’m going to show that Shanty Tramp the power and the glory!”

2 1/2 out of 4 stars (Good).

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