Review: Ten Violent Women (USA 1982)

I happened to watch a while back, and then was surprised to see that notorious grindhouse director Ted V. Mikels had just recently passed away. I wish this could be a better epigraph, but it’s a pretty terrible movie – a mish-mosh of women in prison and bad girls on the run clichés full of shower fights, posturing, and heists. Characters waltz in and out of the plot arbitrarily (I suspect based on how much time they were willing to give Mikels) until the run time is up and the Saudi deus ex machine appears to bring down the curtain. Theoretically one might watch it for the sleaze and the nudity, but the underlighting and poor film quality detract from the experience. Still if you’re looking to check out the Mikels’s oeuvre, you could do worse. Mikels, RIP.

1 out of 4 stars (Poor).

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