Review: The Treasure Hunters (Hong Kong 1981)

Certainly not one of Shaw Brothers’ best, this wacky kung fu comedy stars Alexander Fu Sheng and his brother Chang Chen Peng as petty crooks out to steal a big treasure. Everybody does their usual schtick – Fu Sheng is an obnoxious loudmouth, Gordon Liu has a big supporting role as a bald fighting monk, and Wang Lung as always plays the heavy.  Dirty Ho did this kind of thing much better (it helps that I find Wong Yue less irritating than Fu Sheng), but Treasure Hunters is notable for its genuinely fun and funny finale, which features our heroes using a combination of training dummy fu, Shaolin fighting array, and shoe glue (!) to take down Wang Lung and his female associate. 1 1/2 out of 4 stars (Below average).


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