Review: Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (USA 1968)

“Almost sounds like a girl.”

“A girl? Perhaps. Or a monster.”

I’d call this Bog’s What’s Up Tiger Lily but that would be giving it waaayyyy more credit than it deserves. This is just some Corman-purchased Soviet space flick footage that Bog spiced up with occasionally droll but mostly dull voiceover and maybe ten minutes of new footage of Mamie Van Doren and other blondes standing around in shell bikini tops. The original VFX are pretty spectacular, but no credit for that to this movie – just the Soviet original.   

Looking at just the new footage and VO, it’s shockingly dull and appallingly unsexy – the only real enjoyment I got out of this was from the janky rubber monster and that the girls very clearly painted their bellies bluish silver to match their mermaid pants. A true laundry movie.

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