Review: Witching and Bitching (Spain 2013)

Man, I wanted to like this – I generally enjoy Alex de la Iglesia movies, and I like what he’s doing for genre – but this black comedy about a bunch of idiot criminals who wander into a town full of witches was an unpleasant chore. Rampantly misogynistic in a way that never gets tweaked, full of tedious and unpleasant characters and irredeemable ugliness.

Hugo Silva is an utter dud as the lead – the notion that the lovely Carolina Bang would fall for him is so unsupported as to break the suspension of disbelief. While Santiago Segura is typically entertaining in a supporting role and the opening scene is pretty gripping, this is overall a disappointment, especially coming from the man who gave us Accion Mutante, The Day of the Beast, The Ferpect Crime, and 800 Bullets.

1 1/2 stars out of 4 (Mediocre).

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