Trick ‘R Treat (USA/Canada 2007)

Trick ‘R Treat is a interesting recent take on the ’60s and ’80s phenomenon of the horror anthology film with some good points to recommend it.  I enjoyed the novelty of an anthology that carefully weaved the threads of its different stories into contemporaneous and occasionally overlapping narratives set on the same night in the same town, and Dylan Baker is always welcome fun (Anna Paquin? Not so much.).

Unfortunately, the stories, while entertaining enough, were not especially scary and lacked the novelty of, for example, Creepshow’s Something to Tide You Over or Creepshow 2’s The Raft.  Nor does the film aspire to the artistry of some of the all-time great horror anthologies like Kwaidan or Black Sabbath. Still, points for trying, and you could do definitely do a lot worse.

2 out of 4 stars (Average).

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